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Technology Training and Employment for Women and Girls in Developing Areas

Coding and technology training for girls and women and other disenfranchised learners in our own backyards and around the world, with a goal to empower economic independence and personal contribution through finding employment in the technology sector. The program trains learners to pay the cost of the program forward by becoming a mentor for someone else.

Boiling the Ocean

We can’t solve all problems everywhere for everyone. But we can each do one small thing to help in a small way. Each One Teach One emphasizes modest goals, and a modest commitment of time. If each person gave in a small way, “the world would go around a great deal faster than it does,” as the Duchess observed, in Lewis Carroll’s Alice in Wonderland.

The Facts: Disparity in Technical Education and Employment

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Research shows that groups including girls and women are under-represented in technology fields in school, and in employment. Technical jobs are among the most flexible and highest-paying. Lack of economic self-sufficiency resulting from gender inequality in education, training and employment reaps a grim harvest. It is one of the top reasons pulling and then trapping women into unhealthy relationships all over the world, creating sad conditions and pulling area economies down with them into a cycle of stagnation.

Economic self-sufficiency, through gainful employment, for girls and women, benefits everyone as it sets an example and expectation for people everywhere strive to live their lives to be productive. Everyone benefits when all people achieve proficiency in all kinds of skills, including technical skills, and have access to the best jobs. Each One Teach One seeks to address imbalance in technical education, achievement, and jobs. EOTO specifically targets girls and women in developing areas. EOTO specifically targets girls and women in developing areas. Girls and women benefit in lifting themselves beyond the limitations of gender inequality, and their cities and countries benefit from the increase in a skilled workforce and an increase in employment.

Full Cycle-from Training to Employment

EOTO is unique in covering a full spectrum, from mentoring technical training, to mentoring seeking and finding employment in technical fields, specifically, coding. EOTO follows through beyond training to link disenfranchised girls and women in developing countries to employment.

Scalable and Global

EOTO leverages online technology training resources like and, and uses remote mentors. We accept referrals from NGOs around the world. EOTO scales significantly and can go anywhere.

A challenge of global education is lack of access to or prohibitively expensive access to the Internet. Offline and interactive resources for learning to code while at a computer are more valuable than online resources.

Theory of Action/Theory of Change

We strive for outcomes where more girls and women achieve well-compensated, flexible employment in computing-related fields. Our model is based on providing concrete guidance and resources to girls and women, encouraging confidence, self-sufficiency and initiative in technical skills, through use of existing online resources, guidance and mentoring. The model seeks to provide education, which leads to jobs, which lead to economic self-sufficiency for girls and women. This in turn leads to an improved ability to avoid and end unhealthy relationships based on financial dependence and lack of options. Desired outcomes include completion of technical training, completion of job seeking skills training, and finding work. The ultimate outcomes include better-compensated, more flexible employment options for girls and women, avoidance of unhealthy relationships and the resulting harms and costs, and increased employment in targeted areas.


We have worked with students and trauma victims for over 20 years, including in 2014-2015 at Prospect Hill Academy in Cambridge, MA, providing computer training at all levels, help with writing resumes, and with job searches. We believe in building skills through building confidence, and improving lives through education, training and gainful employment. Students are encouraged to challenge themselves, but progress at their own pace.


EOTO links mentors from the private sectors and academia with girls and women in developing areas seeking to improve their lives through technology training and employment. Program elements include:


After application and acceptance into the program, we monitor our students and their progress against milestones, including:

Application and Admissions

Students, including women and girls of all ages, may apply to the program, either directly by applying through the website, or through a partner NGO.

Online Resources

Scratch - Created at MIT, an introductory self-contained curriculum appropriate for ages 5-50. Designed to be used totally independently. Languages: English - curricula appropriate for beginners, ages 4-80. 34 languages.
Codecademy - An introductory self-contained coding and website creation curriculum appropriate for ages 10-50. Designed to be used totally independently. Languages: English

Classroom-Appropriate Tutorials
CodeHS Online curriculum designed specifically for high school classrooms.
Codecademy After School complete online afterschool program for a coding club.
Khan Academy Online curriculum that teaches JavaScript programming in a visual environment.
AP Computer Science A
Tynker Teach programming in elementary or middle school in a fun way.

Bootstrap Free curriculum to teach high-school algebra and geometry concepts using computer programming.
CS Unplugged Fun classroom exercises to teach computer science principles, no computers needed!
Thinkersmith Offline robotics programming

School Teaching Programs
Globaloria Teach computer programming through game design - as a full-time class, an in-class module, or afterschool program.
TEALS Get mentored and placed into high school classes as a part-time teacher in a team teaching model where the school district is unable to meet their students’ computer science needs on its own.
AP Computer Science - with Amplify This online course (MOOC) is designed for high school students to learn AP Computer Science in an online classroom. The course is free, but additional support to the school offering it costs money. “a non-profit dedicated to matching prospective free software contributors with communities, tools, and education.” They have a big push for women in open source.
CS First- Google Framework platform for mentors.
Prospect Hill Academy (PHA) Cambridge, MA Comprehensive introductory CS curriculum drawing on multiple resources, including practical assignments.
Digital Citizen Fund- Teaching digital literacy to women and girls in Afghanistan

Comprehensive Learning Platforms
Alice 3D programming environment that makes it easy to create an animation for telling a story, playing an interactive game, or a video to share on the web.
Kodu Create games on the PC and XBox via a simple visual programming language. Can be used to teach creativity, problem solving, storytelling, as well as programming.
Scratch Programming language that makes it easy to create your own interactive stories, animations, games, music and art - and share your creations on the web.

Participating Organizations

We are currently recruiting mentors from local technology organizations all over the world. If your organization is interested in mentoring or otherwise participating, please contact us.


We serve women and girls, ages 5-100, anywhere in the world.

Targeted countries:

If you know a woman or girl who could benefit from our program, please contact us.

Learner’s Compact: EOTO requires learners to agree to “pay forward” the cost of their training by agreeing, in turn, to mentor one other learner.


Mentors are volunteers who are trained coders and technologists who study or work in the field. They agree to train at least one mentee, at least once a week, for at least one hour. They may help onsite or remotely, from anywhere in the world. They support learners using the automated online curricula, and help learners build confidence and find jobs.
If you are interested in mentoring, please contact us. Please indicate if you have any preference for level of learner or geographical area, or no preference.

More on Technical and Online Resources

Scratch - multimedia authoring tool that can be used by students, scholars, teachers, and parents for a range of educational and entertainment constructivist purposes from math and science projects, including simulations and visualizations of experiments, recording lectures with animated presentations, to social sciences animated stories, and interactive art and music. Simple games may be made with it, as well. Viewing the existing projects available on the Scratch website, or modifying and testing any modification without saving it requires no online registration. The Scratch programming language is also used in the game creation tool Stencyl.

Notable Organizations for Women in Computing

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