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David Adams
David Adams, Ed.D., is co-founder and Co-Director of Emerge. David has 29 years experience working with men who batter and is a nationally recognized trainer and researcher. He has published numerous books and articles about domestic violence. David is Co-Chair of the Batterer Intervention Working Group of the Massachusetts Commission on Domestic Violence. David has done trainings in over 30 states and 5 nations. He currently co-leads the fatherhood parenting group and recently authored and directed a Danger Assessment DVD.

Andrew Lewman
With more than 30 years of global technology experience in a variety of domains, including information security, systems administration, and data management. His interest lies in the intersection of technology and humans. He’s been a top executive at many high-growth start-up companies, such as TechTarget, The Tor Project, and now Farsight Security. He’s an advisor with military and intelligence agencies in the US and its Allies, most recently with the NSA, DHS, and Thorn Foundation. He’s a speaker and frequent media contact for conferences, invited speeches, with extensive television, written, and Internet-media press experience. Publications with EMCDDA and Fordham University Press. Andrew’s most recent publication is with the European Monitoring Center for Drugs and Drug Addiction on Tor and Links with Cryptomarkets. He’s the Treasurer for Emerge helping to stop domestic violence through counseling abusers, President of the Norfolk Aggie Parent Network, and Chairman of Each One Teach One providing economic opportunity for women and girls through technology.

Risa Mednick
Risa Mednick is the former Executive Director of Transition House in Cambridge.

Ellen Wilbur
Ellen Wilbur is the Legal Director of Community Legal Services and Counseling Center(CLSACC) in Cambridge.

Sarah Cortes
Sarah Cortes, MS, PMP, CISA, President of Inman Technology, and a PhD candidate and researcher in online communications, is a technology executive with extensive experience in information security, privacy and intimate partner abuse (IPA). She has helped draft US state data breach laws, and testified before the Massachusetts legislature regarding data privacy, security and domestic abuse. She is a member of the US National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) cybersecurity working group (CSWG) on Smart Grid privacy, and a co-author of the NIST publications on Smart Grid Cybersecurity and Privacy. Sarah was formerly SVP of Information Security for Putnam Investments, a subsidiary of Marsh & McLennan. In this capacity, she oversaw Putnam’s recovery on 9/11 when parent company Marsh McLennan’s World Trade Center 99th floor data center was destroyed. Her firm, Inman Technology, consults for Fortune 500 clients. Sarah works with cyberstalking and electronic surveillance cases and targets across the United States. She sits on the Boards of Emerge, Transition House, and Employers Against Domestic Violence (EADV).


Transition House is Cambridge’s domestic violence agency, providing emergency shelter, transitional and supported housing and youth prevention education to our community since 1975. Transition House created the first emergency shelter on the East Coast for women and children escaping domestic violence. The organization has been an important community resource ever since.

Transition House and its supporters have been at the forefront of developing policies and practices that support victim rights, protect the safety and privacy of those in danger, and expand the network of vital services for survivors recovering from the trauma of abuse. Over its 35 year history, Transition House has been an innovator of dynamic programs that have helped thousands of families and educated tens of thousands of youth.

Emerge’s mission is to eliminate violence in intimate relationships. In working toward this goal, Emerge seeks to educate individual abusers, prevent young people from learning to accept violence in their relationships, improve institutional responses to domestic violence, and increase public awareness about the causes and solutions to partner violence. With the development of parenting education groups for fathers, Emerge has expanded its mission to include a goal of helping men to become more responsible parents.

Emerge teaches that domestic violence is a learned behavior, not a disease or a sickness. Emerge supports grassroots, institutional and cultural efforts to stop partner violence, sexual assault and child abuse. Emerge recognizes that other oppressive life circumstances such as racism, poverty and homophobia create a climate that contributes to partner violence.

Emerge is a Massachusetts Certified Batterer Intervention Program & Training Site. For information on Certification Guidelines for the Commonwealth of Massachusetts, visit the official website of the Office of Health and Human Services (EOHHS).Trainings are conducted on a regular basis in the Boston area, and Emerge is available to conduct trainings world-wide. Please contact us at 617-547-9879.

Community Legal Services and Counseling Center (CLSACC) provides free civil legal assistance and affordable psychological counseling for people with low incomes. Since our inception, we have been sustained by the commitment and dedication of volunteer lawyers and mental health professionals. Our services combat the effects of poverty and violence by helping clients and their children meet basic human needs for safety, income, health and housing. CLSACC’s unique interdisciplinary approach has enabled us to keep pace with the ever-changing and interrelated needs of our clients.

Technology Partners

Inman Technology provides professional services in technology, executive management, financial, and human resources to Fortune 500 clients, as well as medium- and mid-sized organizations and non-profits.

Laxdaela Technology provides Dark Web Expertise and Intelligence.

Cambridge Technology Council Brings together members of the technology and IPV communities.


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