How to get involved: Volunteer for one of these projects, or propose one of your own.

Some larger initiatves:

- Help us develop and test this application for advocates and targets of abuse through technology

IPV Tech Research Portal
- Help us develop and test this application to collect and analyze data on intimate partner violence and cyberstalking to facilitate academic and other research

Each One Teach One Technology Training Initiative: coding and technology jobs for girls and women in our backyard and around the world.
- matching online coding and other technology training with technology mentors
- matching trained coders and technologists with online technology jobs

Here are some other ideas for ways to help and get involved:

  1. Form a local Working Group on Technology/Bio/Med and DV: IPVTech
    • Hold brainstorming sessions ID projects, ID local firms/organizations
  2. Research & document technology-specific and general Safe Technology Practices for advocates/targets
    • Publish best practices
    • develop mobile phone security curriculum
  3. Develop protocol to determine if a client is under surveillance or abused using technology
    • Questions that advocates can ask to determine if a client is actually being under surveillance
    • Contribute to recommended protocol publication
  4. Develop a protocol to follow if client is under surveillance
    • Contribute to recommended protocol publication
  5. Technologists to Analyze shelter cellphone policies
    • Publish analysis of effective vs. ineffective policies and propose best practices
  6. Implement new applications
    • Create a DV Service Client database/front end- currently Alice is state-of-the-art
    • Create an Abuser Client database- Emerge, State of MA examples
    • Shelter reservation systems should leverage airline and hotel reservation systems.
  7. Seek grants to fund development and research projects
  8. Collect Statistics/Data to support DV technology
    • Research/ analysis/publications that will help present the case to businesses effectively
    • Identify data and databases, make accessible, improve data integrity
  9. Provide Forensic Analysis Services of devices for targets who are being stalked
  10. Develop Lists of research topics/assignments for students/classes at academic institutions
    • Engage professors/students to assign research topics/assignments
    • Becky is kicking off a collaborative project called the Co-Design studio:
      • pairs technologists with advocates to work on actual projects
  11. Provide DV Training opportunities for technologists/biomed researchers.
    • Offer or sign up and attend DV training
    • Maintain list of local DV training opportunities- e.g. Emerge training
  12. Provide Technology Training opportunities for DV services providers
    • Offer or sign up and attend DV training
  13. Facilitate Speaking Opportunities for technologists at DV organizations, DV service providers at technology organizations
    • Identify a conference in your industry, invite a DV speaker from DVTWG
    • For DV advocates, invite a techie/researcher to a DV con or event
  14. Seek opportunities to address need for Volunteer Technologists:
    • tech-trained Human Resources from the technology community
  15. Technologists to request of Verizon and other telecom providers:
    • To increase their donations of telecom and Technology Goods/Services
  16. Provide spaces to meet
    • Andrew offered Tor’s offices in Cambridge
    • Risa has provided Transition House offices in Cambridge
    • Becky Hurwitz offered the MIT Media Lab in Cambridge
  17. Organize Hackathons- events/workshops to roll up sleeves and tackle projects
  18. Look at fuerza and turn it into a real app/site. The source code is available in both iterations.
  19. Learn how easy it is to completely watch someone with mobile phone. See the winning World Bank Hackathon against DV presentation.
  20. Make simple, viewable, readable brochures from the NNEDV Resources at SafetyNet Docs
  21. Make simple, viewable, readable brochures from the Stalking Resource Center at Use of Technology to Stalk
  22. Query case histories/law enforcement cases to find incidents of technology in existing abuse cases
  23. Come up with easy way to setup Tails on shared computers in shelters to keep everyone safe.
    • setup training for shelter residents and the staff
  24. Publish landmark cases with interviews of authors: Nicholson v. Scopetta, Lassiter v. DSS: online publishing skills
  25. Implement web crawler to scrape and collect police logs. Analyze for DV reporting crime trends

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