April 4-8, 2014, Microsoft Cambridge, New England GiveCamp


Microsoft, Cambridge

February 9, 2014, ACLU/Northeastern University Law School/Tor Crypto Party


Crypto Party At Northeastern University Law School, Dockser Hall, Room 230 and the Moot Court Room


Co-sponsored by the ACLU of Massachusetts, National Lawyers Guild–Northeastern University School of Law Chapter, the Massachusetts Pirate Party, the Tor Project, Digital Fourth, and Restore the Fourth Boston


Come learn how to encrypt your email and files, browse the internet anonymously, use secure chat systems, and more. We will serve free lunch at noon. This event is free and open to the public, and we especially encourage journalists, lawyers, and law students to attend.


12 PM - Why Encrypt? Talk, discussion, and free lunch! 1:15 - Room 1 - GnuPG | Room 2 - Tor 2:30 - Room 1 - Free Software | Room 2 - File encryption 3:45 - Room 1 - Using Jitsi | Room 2 - Tor 5:00 - Room 1 - GnuPG | Room 2 - Enigmabox

January 26-27, 2013, Tor/SecondMuse/WorldBank Central America Hackathon


Central America DV Hackathon across Central America and in DC.


Address the challenge of domestic violence by building technology solutions to assist agencies that work to support victims and advance efforts to bring perpetrators to justice.

What is a hackathon?

A hackathon brings together volunteer technologists for a marathon weekend of work, using minimal resources and maximum brainpower to create innovative technology prototypes in response to challenging problems. More than just an event, a hackathon is a unique forum for collaborative problem solving where experts define the challenges for technologists to work on, resulting in concrete prototypes that can be implemented to create real impact.

#Boston CyberStalking Hackathon

Coming: September, 2014

Technology and Cyberstalking experts kick off this event dedicated to hacking out solutions. • Current real world cases involving law enforcement • Popular Spoofing tools and techniques • Location-based stalking applications • Surveillance tools and techniques • Social media- vulnerabilities, attack vectors • Network anonymizers and attack vectors • Identity protection tools and techniques for targets • Electronic surveillance/stalking case law currently applied in the courts • Overview of Intimate Partner Abuse/Violence (IPA/IPV)

Panelists include:

David Adams
David Adams, Ed.D., is co-founder and Co-Director of Emerge. David has 29 years experience working with men who batter and is a nationally recognized trainer and researcher. He has published numerous books and articles about domestic violence. David is Co-Chair of the Batterer Intervention Working Group of the Massachusetts Commission on Domestic Violence. David has done trainings in over 30 states and 5 nations. He currently co-leads the fatherhood parenting group and recently authored and directed a Danger Assessment DVD.

Andrew Lewman
Andrew Lewman is the Executive Director of The Tor Project, a non-profit organization providing research and free software that protects your online privacy and anonymity. Lewman manages The Tor Project’s business operations, customer support, law enforcement liaison, and advocacy roles while also serving on its board of directors. He’s helped Tor grow from a small group of volunteers to the thousands of volunteers and successful company with a global reach that is Tor today. He’s worked on projects with the National Science Foundation, Internews Network, Freedom House, Google, Broadcasting Board of Governors, National Network to End Domestic Violence, US Department of Defense, and the US State Department. He is a strong believer of individual rights, privacy, anonymity, and solving real-world problems - sometimes even with technology.

Risa Mednick
Risa is the Executive Director of Transition House. a non-profit organization providein shelter and services to victims of domestic violence.

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